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Russell and Elliott react to the breaking news of FGCU and Coach Fly parting ways, discuss the season on the whole, and speculate on the future of the...View Details

Russell and Elliott are back in studio again to discuss the most recent FGCU basketball news and for a chat with an FGCU legend in Zach Johnson.

Hello, Eagles fans!!! We are back after a little hiatus, but just in time to get a new season preview pod up for your ear holes! We're excited to see ...View Details

We got the chance to sit down and talk w/ ASUN Commissioner, Ted Gumbart, and chat about the state of the ASUN, the current status of collegiate sport...View Details

Senior big man, Justus Rainwater, joins us on the pod on a rainy night in SWFL... coincidence? I think not. Tune in as we talk basketball, sushi, and ...View Details

Back with another Summer Series pod! This time, we're joined by the man Caleb Catto himself. We find out his favorite music artist, off-season activit...View Details

What's up Eagles fans?! We sat down and chatted with scout team legend, Ryan Rocuant, and talked FGCU basketball, the inside details of a college scou...View Details

Us and Brett Comer have at least one thing in common - we both feel old when we realize we've been away from FGCU for 5+ years... Join us as we sit do...View Details

We're back with another off-season episode joined by special guest and former sports editor, Dana Caldwell. Dana the better part of the last decade co...View Details

Tune in as we chat w/ FGCU Men's Basketball Head Coach, Michael Fly. We talk COVID-19 impacts, newcomers to the squad, transfers, expectations for 202...View Details

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