Zach Anderson continues to impress... Caleb Catto gets back to form... Franco Miller Jr. is a dog... Coach Chambers is HIM... All that and more as Ell...View Details

The fellas react to a tough early-season loss Tennessee

The guys give their gut reactions after a painful loss to San Diego.

Russell and Elliott give their raw, reactions from the huge, season-opening "Dub" over USC! 

It's gut-check time for Elliott, Russell, and Dawson as they celebrate 3 full years of Screecher Report, the only way they know how.... The 4th annual...View Details

Elliott and Russell are back in studio for a long-awaited interview with FGCU Men's Basketball Head Coach, Patrick Chambers.

The fellas get back into the studio for an interview with S/R favorite, Cyrus Largie. 

Elliott and Russell are back in studio! They're joined by edit-extraordinaire Dawson to give their impressions from a recent FGCU Men's Hoops workout ...View Details

Elliott and Russell talk some minor off-season news and test their armchair coaching skills in a fantasy draft based on the (current) 2022-23 Men's Ba...View Details

Elliott and Russell are in-studio again for light discussion and interviews with the 2 newest Eagle Hoopers, Isaiah Thompson & Sam Onu.

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